Small, but fierce.

Silvester & Company is a small women-owned boutique executive search firm. Established in 1994, our team is made up of four passionate, audacious and fiercely committed women. Our non-traditional backgrounds as business leaders give us a fresh perspective. We execute a process not the way the search industry has modeled for so many years, but instead from a business leader’s perspective. Truth is transformative for leaders and their organizations, yet so often avoided. We are unconventional and aggressively authentic. We are deeply committed to the success of our candidates and clients, for our team, it is always personal. Every client is significant, every search is crucial and every candidate important.

Get to know our mavens.

Margo Silvester

Margo Silvester

Visionary & Founder

Founder, teacher, mentor, artist, sage and friend. These are just a few of the informal titles Margo held within our organization. Our firm began because Margo had a vision to lead a different kind of search firm.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Margo started Silvester & Company in 1994. She wanted to create a boutique firm that was built on purpose, passion and integrity. Margo placed the highest value on the partnerships with our clients and insisted on delivering exceptional value in every search. For Margo, it was never about volume or becoming the largest search firm. It was about being the best.  

Through her personal and thoughtful guidance, Margo helped shape countless careers and organizations. She created powerful connections that have transformed industries. Margo taught our team and many clients that adding the right person was worth multiples on the investment. She was tenacious and laser focused on getting it right.    

Naturally, Margo also built a team of talented professionals, whom she empowered and supported toward building our own immeasurable success. She inspired all of those she worked with to constantly be curious, to ask the interesting questions and really listen and observe our audience. She challenged us to not settle for the “easy” and to remove the boundaries on what we believed was possible.  

Margo retired from the firm in 2013, but continued to provide guidance and encouragement on a regular basis.  Sadly, she was felled much to early by a rare and cruel cancer, passing away in early 2017.  Whether through honoring the vision and values she set for our firm or seeking out her wisdom, she is in everything we do.


Jennifer Silvester

Jennifer Silvester

Firm Owner & Leader

How lucky am I?  I spend my working hours in conversation with some of the most diverse and interesting leaders on the planet! Whether assisting the CEO of a small technology company trying to find leaders who will steer them on a path to accelerate their growth, an engineering leader driving space systems product innovation or a human resources professional fascinated by how to drive organizational performance – I am constantly learning and growing as a professional.    

From rocket science to human psychology, it all fascinates and inspires me. My personality might best be described as an eternal student. I love learning in all forms. Books, travel, courses, public radio or podcasts – I soak it all up. Most interesting to me is learning through the stories and experience of others. 

When I joined Silvester & Company in 2007, I left behind a fifteen year career in commercial payment card product development. My early career was spent with financial services industry leaders General Electric (GE) and JPMorgan Chase (JPMC). At JPMC, I travelled the world developing alliance bank partnerships on behalf of our multinational Fortune 500 clientele. Along the way, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. It was a grand and satisfying adventure.  

The decision to join a small boutique search firm was a major pivot point in my career. An incredible recruiter and business woman (and the founder of our company), Margo gently persisted until I agreed to take a leap of faith and test myself in a whole new dimension. A most amazing mentor, Margo taught me everything she knew about the business and so much more. Margo is a true artist and master of her craft. If you have had an opportunity to talk with Margo over the years, you know exactly what I mean. 

A decade later, I now run and own the firm. Margo remains a strong presence and continues to be my closest personal and professional mentor. Over the last ten years, with the support of an incredible team, our firm has flourished. We have worked with some of the most interesting companies and leaders in business. Together, we have successfully completed hundreds of senior level searches of all functions and categories.  

In the age of digitalization, I still believe all value stems from the daily contributions of people and at all levels of an organization. Great ideas, innovation and relationships that transform industries begins with people. We see this play out every day inside our firm and our client companies. It’s not about just filling holes in org charts. It’s about aligning the talents, passions, and the cultural ecosystems for individuals and companies.  

When not on a call or in search of the next great leader, I am out on a run, have my nose in a book, cheering on my three beautiful children or traveling the world with my adventure loving husband.


Marika Akers

Marika Akers

Search Leader

I have always been drawn to service whether in my community or profession. I started my professional career in the employee benefits industry and spent twelve years in client relations. Eight years ago I left the security of a large corporation and joined Silvester & Company, a boutique firm, because I was captivated by their unique approach to client service and dedication to working with integrity and purpose.   

I was fortunate to have been mentored by the founder of our firm who built the business on strong client partnerships and ability to look past the obvious to find the extraordinary. I strive each day to carry on this tradition and have tailored my approach to search to identify the critical skills and behaviors that are not found on paper.  

Our portfolio of clients is diverse and spans across industries from aerospace, industrial manufacturing, financial services and outdoor recreation. The executive searches we take on are often as complex as the companies and industries we serve.  

Search work requires incredible tenacity, curiosity, and at times endurance. Finding the unique and sometimes rare technical abilities coupled with the right balance of leadership acuity and business acumen takes time and conversation. It is these conversations where I find the greatest joy each day. Talking to the best and brightest is what fuels me. Introducing great leaders to the clients we serve and watching their careers flourish is the greatest reward and measure of success.

Time away from search is often spent with my husband and growing boys either on the golf course, on the water, or on the sidelines serving as their most spirited cheerleader.

“Service in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions.” -Betsy Sanders


Lindsi Roberts

Lindsi Roberts

Research Guru & Office Assistant

Reaping the benefits of great, rewarding work.  I give my best every day and have been rewarded with excellent opportunities throughout my career. I have worked with excellent people, learned different approaches to leadership and business, and have managed to create the all-important work-life balance.  

My career started in the financial industry, spending nearly 12 years with JPMorgan Chase in their commercial card payments business. At JPMorgan Chase I learned how to build relationships and communicate with diverse clients and colleagues. This experience tremendously advanced my interpersonal skills and has enabled me to adapt and build strong relationships at all levels of an organization and with various styles.

I joined Silvester & Company in 2008 and wear many hats.  My role is equal parts research guru, database/technology manager, bookkeeping extraordinaire and driven assistant.  Essentially, I keep the team running smoothly and efficiently. One of the many things that I love about my job is connecting with such driven and accomplished people. The hard-working individuals that we meet throughout our searches are inspiring. I also love that each search is unique and challenging.  Our search assignments require us to constantly learn and adapt.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah were I learned to appreciate the outdoors, the majestic mountains and scenery of the state. I moved to sunny Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and have now learned to appreciate air conditioning and the importance of having a swimming pool. I love being outdoors, exercising with my friends, cooking, and spending time with my family.