Aerospace Private Equity

Who our client needed

Our client was a small private equity firm that had just acquired their first aerospace manufacturing company a year prior.  They had initially conducted their own search, placing a "big company" executive in the role.  Both parties soon realized it was not a fit and separated.  The private equity firm was left to manage the business while our team conducted a search for a new President.

Speed and getting it right was crucial.  Getting it wrong a second time could put them in the position of losing their investment and employees losing their jobs.  Failure was not an option.

The search

Using our deep expertise in the aerospace industry, we went to work building a slate of candidates that matched not only the skill set, but the temperament and leadership style required to succeed within a small and private equity owned company.  The balance of hands-on and resourceful leadership combined with executive sophistication was the needle in the haystack combination we were searching for.

The final fit

Within eight weeks, our client had selected their new President and negotiated a complex compensation agreement.  Our candidate had a teenager and was moving across the country to accept the position.  Our team worked closely throughout the evaluation and relocation process to ensure the candidate had all of the information and resources to make a well-informed decision and successful move.

Client, new President and teenager (most importantly) are satisfied and succeeding together.