Senior Director Finance Operations, Investments & Technology

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Who our client needed

How many financial services firms grew during the latest recession?  Not many, but this client was a major exception to that rule.  Not only that, but our client lives between the worlds of the public and private sector, caught carefully between living up to the strictest requirements as a financial services provider run by a government agency while acting with agility and innovative drive of a young company.  With exceptional leaders and a clear purpose, this client navigated their way to becoming the "gold star" within their product niche during one of the toughest economic times in our countries history.  This is where Silvester & Company entered the picture.

With rapid growth, our client needed to expand their leadership team to include a new role that would in essence be the Deputy to the Executive Director (i.e.: CEO).  It was critical that the individual fit with the culture of the small organization and adapt to the very unique environment of working inside a public sector organization/agency.  The successful candidate would also need to be a master of their field, understanding treasury services, investment banking and payment/investment technologies.  As a leader, this individual would lead the day-to-day operations while also playing a key role in developing the organizations strategic roadmap for service, innovation and organizational design/talent to support it all.  

The search

In the world of executive search, this was the kind of search we live for.  Our client had an incredible success story to share with the marketplace and a purpose we were proud to support. The search required us to put our creativity and research tricks to work.  Finding someone who had the technical skill-set, leadership prowess and ability to fit into this very unique environment was a significant challenge. Added to this, we had to breakdown the proverbial "wall" created by the reputation of the public sector being a slower moving, antiquated business environment.  We spent A LOT of time with sources and candidates, personally marketing the role and generating energy around the possibilities that existed for the "right" candidate.

Our search took us across the nation and to nearly all areas of the financial services and investment banking industry.  We also worked closely with our client to develop a unique evaluation process that included asking finalists to prepare a written proposal to help us understand how each would approach specific challenges the role would face.  

The final fit

After an extensive interview process that included long-time seasoned professionals and high-potential leaders who would be stretching into the assignment, our client hired a candidate who fit their needs in every way.  Our candidate was local to the company and well networked within the financial services community.  He had driven innovative changes and improvements to both technology and service within his company and industry.  A quiet confidence, this leader had the right style and temperament to build quick rapport with the team and bring the fresh perspective and change leadership they needed.