Vice President, Quality

Tier One Aerospace Supplier (Electronics)

Who our client needed

This long-term client asked for our help when they had an incumbent who was not succeeding.  They needed us to conduct a confidential search while they respectfully helped the other leader transition into a new role.  Our client had a well-tenured leadership team that had been together for many years.  However, the business was also beginning to change around them as the President moved to a new division and a new leader was about to be named.

The role required a sophisticated and mature leader who could drive change and improve results quickly.  They were suffering from poor relationships with regulators and customers as a result of continued quality issues AND a complacent department.  A new leader would need to quickly establish credibility and rapport with the regulatory and customer community, while also diagnosing the issues and driving sustainable change.

The search

First, confidential searches require extra love and care throughout the process.  Great leaders get a lot of calls from people like us (and most are not so well-regarded).  They are busy and the last thing they are interested in is potentially wasting time on a role that is either in a location or with a company that doesn't work for them.

Our answer?  It's our relationships and healthy network that trust our judgement and intentions. We rarely have just one conversation with a great candidate in the course of their career. We are building relationships everyday and adding value in each conversation.  So, when we call with a confidential search, our candidates rarely dismiss the role.  

This search asked us to thoroughly vet candidates from large sophisticated OEM's who would bring the pedigree and relationships to hit the ground running.  When it comes to reference checking, we went deep on this search.  There was no room for surprises here, a bad relationship with a regulator could turn a difficult situation to impossible instantly.

The final fit

Our candidate is best described by the President (who was new to the company six months later) of the division: "He is the best quality leader I have ever worked with...and that's saying a lot because I've been doing this for more than 30 years now!"

Nothing is more satisfying than that kind of feedback!