It's in the nuances.

Our process is a deliberate mix of Pavlov and Picasso.  We do not believe in applying the same rigid process to every search. As a small firm, we remain agile and creative to customize our approach to each unique search.  And they are all unique.

We invest in the latest tools and technologies to facilitate our work; they are critical.  However, what sets us apart is not our standard process or tools.  It is our tenacity and discernment combined with the creative and highly relational approach we bring to our work.

We are committed to placing leaders who fit the skill set, talents and cultural ecosystem of our clients.  We evolve with each search, constantly learning, adjusting and driving until we have found the right leader.

About Us


Focused Discovery

This is all about you, our client.  

Our initial conversations will have us exploring and asking critical questions of key stakeholders to develop a thorough understanding of the organization, the role and the nuances of the team and environment. We collect the tangible and intangibles. As we continue our partnership with additional searches, we get sharper and faster.  

Robust Profile

It makes an impression. 

We’re told by clients and candidates alike that we create some of the most robust profiles in our industry. This important document is an extension of your brand in the market. It goes well beyond just the title, the company and the requirements by clearly detailing the most critical aspects of the role.

Tailored Strategy 

Great talent is seldom obvious.  

Leadership talent is constantly moving, changing and growing.  

Our projects demand fresh research and tailored strategies, whether this is our first or hundredth search for your organization. We develop a customized search plan and conduct new research to balance what/who we know with the unknown.  We never assume we know everyone or everything.


Meticulous Recruitment

We’re relentless but charming. 

Our results derive from being an engaged and well-regarded resource in the marketplace. Our long-term professional relationships sustain and enable us to quickly forge new connections. Through personal conversations, we network incessantly on your behalf. We educate and promote interest in your organization as we seek the best qualified candidates for the position.  

Thorough Assessment

We are perpetually curious.

Our success is determined by our ability to ask and explore the right questions.  We allow our intellectual curiosity be our guide as we dig beneath the surface to evaluate each candidate for a given role. The result is a short slate of thoroughly vetted candidates who will fit the skills, values, and culture of your organization.  

Client Interview

We make it simple. 

You select who you would like to interview and we lead the planning, scheduling and logistics to ensure you and the candidates get the most from your time together.

Prior to your meeting, you will receive a detailed assessment for each candidate. These assessments provide the critical foundation to build from during your interview. 



Behavior over time is predictable.

We believe in the six degrees of separation.  It is a small world after all.  We conduct a thorough reference check, including those references provided by our candidate and secondary references within our network.  Our reference summary includes both objective and subjective information to give you the complete picture.

The Offer

Creating a win-win.

We've been a sounding board to you and our candidates throughout the process. We understand what is important to them, their motivations, whether their spouse is on board and other factors that go beyond compensation to make joining your team a reality.  

During our journey, we have also collected and shared with you industry-wide compensation data to help inform you well beyond this search. We package all of this information together and work closely in partnership with you to formulate a competitive package that will be a "win-win" for you and the candidate.  

Above & Beyond

We keep in touch. Seriously.

After the search, we continue to stay close to each placed candidate as well as our clients. Our placements are guaranteed for a year but our personal investment goes well beyond. We want to ensure our clients, candidates and the candidate’s family are wildly successful together.